Παιδικός σταθμός προφίλ Ρόδος


It has been proved that the earlier a child is exposed to polyvalent educational incentives, the better the development of his personality becomes. The school helps young children to cultivate their common interests and join the first small social groups. In our school “THE RAINBOW», we believe that the first step for the children is to feel at home.


The staff’s constant, kind and calm supervision along with the interesting and attractive activities, help the children feel happy, play freely, express themselves and learn at the same time. In this way, all their needs are covered, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


With tenderness and patience, they become aware of their own potential which is a necessary condition for their maturity, character development and independence.


Our Nursery school disposes beautiful spaces and a playground so that the children can be creative. All this, along with the responsible and proper education by specialized tutors, gives the children the opportunity to develop initiatives and become more active, responsible, and independent. Through group-based games, they learn to collaborate, improve their character, and become more social.